Best Family Dogs

About Us

Titan created this site in 2009 to promote family dog care and health; and to facilitate confidence in helping families chose the right family dog.

Titans owner, Yuliss, became a mother for the first time in 2011, and again in 2013. Having young children has given Yuliss the opportunity to observe the advantage that growing up with dogs has on young minds. She enjoys being a mom, but also cherishes every moment her family still has with their aging Weimaraner, Titan.

In the past, Yuliss has facilitated training and exercising of sheltered dogs, in hopes the dogs could be adopted by new families. Through this experience she has gained knowledge of dog psychology, training and general care. What she enjoyed most about being with the dogs was seeing how sheltered dogs can add joy to so many peoples lives. Each dog comes with its own personality and unique story of survival.